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Happy Marriage AdviceMany people think that advice for a happy marriage can be somewhat obvious. But if that’s the case, why are there so many unhappy marriages?

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It can be very hard to focus on the big picture when you are on the inside of a long term relationship, so hopefully these tips can rejuvenate your marriage.

1) Communicate. A marriage is nothing without communication. But that doesn’t mean arguing and snapping at each other all the time – That’s not real communication. Communication means switching the TV off and sitting down and talking about your day, or letting your partner know in a direct way when there is a problem. A marriage is rarely harmed by some good direct communication.

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2) Admit when things are wrong. During a serious relationship it can be very easy to let yourself overlook things and make believe that everything will be okay. In reality though, if you do this, you aren’t being true to yourself, your partner, or your marriage. Problems in marriages are like snowballs rolling down a hill – It’s easier to stop them early. Again, the easiest way to do this when a problem does arise is by simple communication between you and your spouse.

3) Know the difference between falling in love and maintaining a loving relationship. Falling in love can often be like being intoxicated: The subject of your love can do no wrong and all different areas of your brain are impaired due to such “intoxication of love hormones.” Unfortunately, this state rarely lasts past the first few years of marriage, so in many cases it’s necessary to work together at maintaining a healthy and loving relationship.

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4) Put a little karmic theory into your marriage. You get what you give, so if you do everything you can to make your partner happy, the chances are he will step up in efforts to make you happy. The more effort you expend making your partner understand how much he means to you, the more likely it is for him to reciprocate.

5) Learn that mending a relationship doesn’t mean mending your partner. A marriage includes you both, so any issues or situations always include both of you. You can’t fix things by modifying the behavior of one person, it has to be a team effort. People aren’t like animals, and you shouldn’t have to “marriage train” your partner into making you happy. It’s not fair on him, and it’s not fair on you.

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