One of the most common questions we receive at I Love Being Happily Married is “How I can make my marriage happier?

To help answer that question, we’ve assembled this list of 8 easy, yet highly-effective steps you can take right now to bring more happiness to your marriage.

This list is by no means comprehensive but is rather a good starting point towards making married life a happier journey for both you and your spouse!

Beginning now, make it a point to:

1. Say I Love You More Often – Just because your spouse can sometimes finish your sentences doesn’t mean he or she can read your mind. Saying I Love You is not only comforting and reassuring to your spouse, but it is an investment in your marriage which helps make the bond between you two stronger and firmer.

2. Smile – Smiling is a wonderful thing. Not only will a good smile make you feel better, but it will also make your spouse feel better as well. Additionally, smiling has been proven to release “endorphins”, a series of feel good substances that lead to feelings of well-being.

3. Do Something Special for Your Spouse “Just Because” – Make it a point to do something special for your spouse “just because.” Don’t wait until a special occasion such as an anniversary, birthday or special date to go out of your way. Instead, perform a special action or gesture for no reason at all. Also, it doesn’t have to be anything expensive or complicated. It’s amazing how far a simple act of kindness and love done “just because” can go to make your spouse feel truly loved.

4. Stop Judging… Both Yourself and Your Spouse – The mind can be very cruel and can sometimes go to extremes to make one feel less than worthy, or make others feel unworthy. Make it a point to remember that we are all “works in progress” and learn how to “cut yourselves some slack.” This can be especially important when life throws your relationship a curve ball and you are both faced with dealing with a challenging situation. As a married couple, you are far more effective if you realize that you are both on the same team doing the best that you can rather than judging one another.

5. Say Thank You – Always remember to say thank you to your spouse for both “the special and the not so special” things he or she does for you. Remember that one is “forced” to be in a marriage and saying thank you can help your spouse better remember that you truly appreciate him or her.

6. Take Care of Yourself – Before you can take care of anyone else, you need to make sure you are taking care of yourself physically as well as mentally and emotionally. Unfortunately, with all the pressures that life throws at us, it’s easy to forget to pay attention to yourself which can definitely have an impact in a relationship.

7. Focus On What’s Going Right… Rather Thank What’s Going Wrong – Take a “glass half full” outlook on your life and relationship. Focusing on the positive in your marriage will make life happier and more enjoyable for both of you. Remember one thing, just as having a happier marriage leads to a happier life, a happier life leads to a happier marriage.

8. Have Fun – Don’t take yourself so seriously. Take singing lessons and karaoke together! As described in this quote by Christie Cook, “marriage is getting to have a sleepover with your best friend, every single night of the week.” Make it a point to have fun as a couple, laugh and enjoy yourselves!

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