How to be happy in marriage

How to be happy in marriageFor many, the rules for a happy marriage may be few in number, but they do exist and following them may make the difference between enjoying a successful marriage instead of filing for divorce. The rules are those that many happy couples have followed, often without fully knowing or accepting them at first, over the years.


5 Rules for a Happy Marriage

  1. Share and Share AlikeMany couples will tell you that the main difference in their lives is the transformation from thinking in terms of “I” to “We”. This transformation does not happen overnight and it will take some work and time before the process is complete. However, you will have to remember that all decisions beyond the trivial ones will have to include your spouse in the process otherwise you are just thinking for yourself. The more the two of you participate in making decisions, the stronger your marriage will become.
  2. Air Out Your Disagreements As Soon as PossibleOne of the biggest reasons couples break up is the inability to express their feelings at the time something happens which bothers them. This builds up over time to become resentment and pretty soon the breaking point is reached where there is no turning back. Instead, if something happens that bothers you, talk about it as soon as it is practical to air it out and get it out of the way. You will find that such discussions can short circuit any resentment or bad feelings that would otherwise fester inside.
  3.  Be Yourself 

    There are certain things in a marriage that does not have to be shared and the most important is the pursuit of hobbies or personal interests that does not impact that marriage. Many couples have separate hobbies or interest that actually keeps the energy and the passion flowing between them. Respect for the other’s interests is important, so keep that in mind when you are following your own hobbies.

  4. Keep Your Friends Near 

    Friendships are an important part of the rules for a happy marriage. Having old friends or those who share your interests and hobbies are very important because no one, no matter how magnificent, can meet all the needs of their spouse. Having a “girl’s night out” or “poker night with the guys” is very important in terms of personal health and well being, so keep your friends near.

  5. Remember that You Won’t Agree on Everything

    Conflicts are going to happen in your relationship and not all of them will be resolved. Understanding that there are certain things that you will have to agree to disagree is part of all successful marriages. There will be times when you know you are right and your spouse is just as adamant about being right as well. If you can compromise, perfect. But otherwise someone is going to win out which means that it’s important for the “loser” to be treated fairly otherwise it can build up resentment.

These 5 rules for a happy marriage can help guide you and your spouse towards a happier, healthier life together. The more you work together, the better your marriage will be.

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