Looking for Marriage

Looking for Marriage

3 Christian Dating Tips


Marie expressed one of her biggest fears in dating and finding a Christian man with whom to share her life. “I am a devout Christian and it’s very difficult to find a good Christian man to date. Even my friends who know I’m a Christian have set me up on dates with guys who expect me to follow along with their lifestyle of excessive drinking, drug usage, sex and the like. With others, many guys once they know I am a Christian, they expect me to be boring and dull. It’s a very difficult balance to judge the reality of being a Christian with the perception among people who are not of the Faith.”

Finding a Woman to Marry

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To make matters more complicated, the difficulties don’t automatically go away when a Christian dates only other Christians. There is a very wide range of people who call themselves Christians, from very conservative to very liberal.

Bottom-line, dating can be a complicated matter for anyone but can be even more complex for Christians who want to stay true to their beliefs.

To that end, here are 5 Christian Dating Tips that can help both Christian men and women:

1. Set Clearly Your Boundaries – Many Christians when dating are hesitant of expressing how they truly feel for the fear of being caught in the stereotype of “uptight” or “goodie two shoes.” However, unless you clearly establish who you are and what your beliefs are, early in the dating process, you run the risk of running into trouble and having a date cross the line.

2. Look for Christian Dating advice from a mature Christian you trust – If there is a Christian you trust and whose advice and opinion you respect, seek their advice. Your pastor, a priest, a teacher can provide you with a Christian based opinion on how to act.

3. Follow Your Faith – Take the time to look within and pray for guidance. As a Christian, your Faith defines who you are and there is no wiser voice than the voice of Faith. Take time to pray over any situation and be true to your belief.

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Defining yourself as a Christian is a beautiful responsibility to have and can be the strong backbone of a lifelong relationship between two people who love each other. Keep these 3 Christian Dating tips in mind and may you find the love you seek!

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